My Favourite…Children’s Book

In need of some reading inspiration? The ‘My Favourite…’ series is a new feature in which I will be putting the spotlight on some of my favourite books of all time! Today it’s my favourite children’s book…

The Dreamseeker Trilogy by Jenny Oldfield

Dreamseeker Trilogy

This book is particularly special for me, as it was the first book I read independently (at 544 pages – I know, I was a bit of a prodigy child). I first fell in love with it as a bedtime story read to me by parents, who became as hooked as I did! Although it is intended for children, the mind-blowing imagination involved in this adventure book will engross adults too, bringing back the childhood wonder none of us want to lose.

Seven Reasons Why I Love This Book:


The fantasy world of Four Winds and Silver Cloud is vividly imagined and utterly enchanting. As soon as this world was introduced to me in the first few pages I started thinking ‘Ooh, this is going to be good!’

2. Adventure

Challenging quests, betrayal, good versus evil – The Dreamseeker Trilogy has all the features of an exciting and fast-paced adventure book.

3. Native American culture e.g. Wolf Brother

The book contains many elements of Native American culture, from shaman to spirits. Even if the mixing with fantasy means it’s not exactly a widely-referenced historical text, it inspired an interest in me that led to other books such as Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, and ultimately taking History at GCSE.

4. Trilogy

After reading an addictive first novel, it’s always lovely to find out there are two more books in the series out there waiting for you! The Dreamseeker Trilogy comes in a handy edition with all three novels in one, which I would recommend.

5. Something new from the author

Jenny Oldfield normally writes very fluffy children’s books including some of the Animal Ark books and the Home Farm Ranch series about horses. The Dreamseeker Trilogy is something completely new. I love it when authors step a little outside of their comfort zone, especially when the challenge is pulled off as well as this.

6. Appeals to all ages

I loved The Dreamseeker Trilogy as a childhood bedtime story, but my parents enjoyed reading it to me just as much. When they took it in turns, they’d have to keep filling each other in on what was happening! Please don’t be put off by the children’s fiction classification – such an exhilarating adventure story is wonderful escapism for big and little minds alike.

7. Underrated!

Can you believe that at the time of writing this book has only got one review on Amazon? Only one (although it is 5 stars)? I intend to add to that very shortly, but if you enjoy the book it would be fantastic if you could spread the love as well! It is wonderful to be able to bring a little attention to such a lamentably underrated piece of fiction.

NO affiliate links or sponsorship! Nope, none! I know this article (along with many in the My Favourite… series) make it sound like I have shares in the publishers, but I genuinely just really enjoyed these books and want to share them with people.

Cover image courtesy of Goodreads

If you have read The Dreamseeker Trilogy or would like to share your favourite children’s book, let us all know in the comments!


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