100 Followers & Share Your Blog!

Miscellany Pages has now reached 100 followers! I never expected this when I decided to try and write a book review a year-and-a-bit ago. Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog so far, I appreciate you very much!

I started a book blog simply because I thought it would look good on my university application, without realising how much I would become immersed in it! It has become a treasured hobby and one I hope to continue for the future.

Reading the widest possible variety of books is the main aim of this blog so please do stop by soon for new reviews and features…

Blog Facebook Cover.png

I love exploring the blogs of other like-minded people, so feel free to comment below with your blog link and a short description of what it is about. I look forward to reading them!

10 thoughts on “100 Followers & Share Your Blog!”

    1. Thank you for sharing, the beautiful images on your website are really inspiring me to be more adventurous! ✈🗻❄


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