A Photographic Tribute to Old Books

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On holiday with my family in the Lake District, we stayed in a wing of a beautiful old house. It boasted a reading room packed with antique books and furniture that took my breath away! Needless to say, my parents had a little trouble dragging me away to actually see the lakes. I couldn’t resist sharing some of my most amazing finds with you…

Antique Library and Reading Room

A gorgeous edition of Emma by Jane Austen:

Emma by Jane AustenEmma by Jane Austen

The Virginians by William Makepeace Thackeray:

The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin:

A 1941 edition of Postscripts by J.B. Priestley:

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This stunning 1953 collection of Samuel Pepys’ biography by Arthur Bryant:

Bleak House by Charles Dickens:

A 1952 edition of Florence Nightingale’s biography by Cecil Woodham-Smith:

And finally … a group photo!

Old Antique Books and Bookcase

Do you share my love for old books? Have any rare, collectable or just very pretty editions? Let me know in the comments – I would love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “A Photographic Tribute to Old Books”

  1. Although having been brought up surrounded by (a massive amount) of paperback editions, I do remember my parents having ordered a collection of books in hardback with gold lettering on the spine.
    My husband and I tend to pick up the Cinderella of book sales, this often being an old, first edition. Because, how can you leave it behind? We have found lovely four volumes (complete edition) of “Birds of South Africa” by Arthur C. Stark, printed 1900 to 1906. It has lovely hand drawings of birds in their natural habitat.
    Books, all books, are such treasures.

    Thank you for reminding us.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I also love browsing book sales and secondhand bookshops. I found an amazing old book of Japanese myths for my brother’s birthday once at my local charity shop. Your ‘Birds of South Africa’ books sound gorgeous. It’s wonderful to stumble upon finds like these! X

      Liked by 1 person

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