200 Followers & I Need Your Help!

Miscellany Pages has now reached 200 followers! I never expected this when I decided to try and write a book review over two years ago. Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog so far, I appreciate you very much!

200 Follower Badge

If you enjoy reading my blog posts, would you be able to do a big favour for me? I recently started freelancing as a content writer. I am looking to build my profile and win more work on PeoplePerHour so every recommendation matters. Your endorsement would help me climb the ranks faster – can you spare a minute?

Just click on the link below:

Red Arrow Endorse Me As A Content Writer Red Arrow

If you comment below to let me know of your endorsement, in return I will:

~ Follow your blog if I don’t already!

~ Engage with and comment on your blog posts.

~ Reblog a post of your choice – if you don’t specify I’ll just pick my favourite 🙂

~ Share your blog on my social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, soon-to-be Tumblr)

~ Send endless good vibes your way!

Thank you in advance to the wonderful book blogging community!

Blog Facebook Cover.png

14 thoughts on “200 Followers & I Need Your Help!”

    1. You’re an absolute star, thank you so much! Is there any particular post of yours that you would like me to reblog? ❤️ X x x


      1. Thank you very much for asking.
        Maybe “Dogs, Man’s Best Friend, as Illustrated by Art, From Once Upon a Time to the 20th Century” – it is my last post at this moment and I worked hard on it. Besides, it includes three of my passions, dogs, art and history.
        I’d really appreciate it. xxx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you’re an absolute star – thank you Aditi! ❤️ Is there a specific post that you would like me to reblog in return? X x x

      Liked by 1 person

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