Funny Books to Cheer You Up in Lockdown

The City Girl Magazine aims to connect, inspire and empower women living in cities across the UK and abroad. I write about books for the magazine (what else!?!) and thought I would share this post on my blog too.

I read an article recently about how book sales have been affected by COVID-19: apparently, dystopian fiction is flying off the virtual shelves, especially if it deals with a pandemic. Frankly, I don’t understand this at all – I’m looking for books that take me away from the current crisis and provide some light-hearted escapism.

So, for those of you who share my induced dystopia-phobia, I’ve compiled this list of books guaranteed to bring laughs, conversation topics and much-needed comic relief…




8 thoughts on “Funny Books to Cheer You Up in Lockdown”

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! Yes, I think I’ll wait to tackle Infinite Jest until I have more time on my hands!

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  1. Oh my gosh the absolute last kind of book genre I want to read right now is dystopia! I am ALL about the cute and fluffy 😊😊😊😊💚💖💚

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    1. Thank you for the comment Emer and for letting me know I’m not alone! 💕 It confuses me so much when I read that dystopian books are flying off the (virtual) shelves… people are strange! X x x

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  2. Thanks for this list, Florence, I’ll maybe check some of these out. I guess some readers are finding Dystopian Fiction a useful tool to aid their understanding of our current situation in a comparratively safe envirement. Personally though, I’ve never been a particular fan of this genre at the best of times, (far too depressing), and reading it now would just increase my anxiety. Here’s to fun and escapist reading. x

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    1. Thank you for the comment Alyson. I completely understand why some people are turning to dystopian books (perhaps an ‘it could be worse’ mentality?) and in normal times I’m partial to a bit of dystopian fiction. I definitely agree with you though that escapist reading is better for my anxiety levels 😊 X x x


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