Yes, You CAN Enjoy Shakespeare! Magazine Article

The City Girl Magazine aims to connect, inspire and empower women living in cities across the UK and abroad. I write about books for the magazine (what else!?!) and thought I would share this post on my blog too.

So many of us seem to carry a GCSE-induced Shakespeare-phobia with us when we leave school! Do you remember those long drowsy English lessons trying to get your head around early modern language and iambic pentameter? 

Unfortunately, this means that whenever we see a production of one of the old bard’s plays advertised, our reaction is often to be repelled rather than intrigued. Yet, going to see these plays can be an incredible, immersive, emotional experience if we give them a chance. After all, they were originally written not to be studied, but to entertain people.

Theatre Stage

Lockdown is the ideal time to give Shakespeare’s plays a try, as many theatres are offering free streamed productions online. In this article, I share some links to where you can watch the performances, as well as my tips to make sure you actually enjoy them!



2 thoughts on “Yes, You CAN Enjoy Shakespeare! Magazine Article”

  1. I was due for my anual trip to Stratford Upon Avon last week to see some RSC productions, but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. Like anything which acquires a degree of hard work, Shakespeare is more than worth the effort, and his plays can indeed be very entertaining and emotionally rewarding. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    1. Thank you so much Alyson! Sorry to hear your trip’s not going ahead because of COVID. I’ve never seen a production in Stratford Upon Avon but would love to go – it’s on my bucket list! X


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