Why You Should Start a Blog in 2021 (Magazine Article)

The City Girl Magazine aims to connect, inspire and empower women living in cities across the UK and abroad. I write about books and entertainment for the magazine (what else!?!) and thought I would share this post on my blog too.

Woman Blogging

My magazine articles mostly consist of book reviews and bookish content, but for this month I decided to share one of my other passions – blogging! Follow the link below to view the article and let me know what you think. Would you add anything to my list of reasons to start blogging? What made you first create your blog?


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Start a Blog in 2021 (Magazine Article)”

    1. Thank you so much! I agree that having a blog is a wonderful creative outlet and I wish more people would have the confidence to start one! ❤️ X x x


  1. Thank you for encouraging other people to start blogging. I was actually planning to set up a book and personal development blog for myself last year, but a combination of stress and outdated braille technology put pay to that particular idea. I’m still keen to give it a go though when things calm down a bit. xx

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    1. That sounds like a fantastic idea Alyson! I hope things get a bit more normal and that technology catches up with your needs so that you can start blogging soon. I would love to be one of your first readers so you’ll have to let me know when it’s up and running in the future 🥰 X x x


  2. This is a brilliant article, Florence! 🥰 I love the thought and consideration you put into writing this, you cover so many of the things which make blogging so rewarding.

    I’m really glad that I not only started my blog but also kept going with it after having that imposter syndrome for a while to begin with. It has definitely improved my writing (especially with book reviews and topical discussions), and as you say it also helps with graphic design and web skills, so the benefits are very wide-ranging!

    Your article is inspiring and if some of your readers have thought about starting a blog, hopefully it can help to convince them! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Stephen! 🥰 I agree that it’s worth sticking with blogging even in that scary initial period when everyone seems like they know what they’re doing except you. That would be amazing if I convinced someone to start blogging, as like you say there are so many benefits! 📚❤️ X x x

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