Poetry, Comedy & The Modern World

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To experiment with the idea of making poetry more fun, I created an anthology entitled 'Poetry, Comedy & The Modern World' for a recent project on my English Literature degree. I thought I would share the twelve poems that made their way into the final anthology here on my blog! I hope you enjoy exploring and, hopefully, having a bit of a laugh along the way...

Questioning the Canon: T.S. Eliot and Adrienne Rich

Selected Poems by TS Eliot Book Cover Image

Questioning the Canon: T.S. Eliot and Adrienne Rich Questioning the Canon is a new feature in which I hope to bring to light lesser-known books about a certain issue, which can be read alongside or instead of infamous 'classics'. Today, I will be comparing the poetry of T.S. Eliot and Adrienne Rich...

Poetry & Popular Culture Project: Call to Action

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I am once again appealing to the amazing book blogging community for help with one of my English Literature degree projects! For my course on Modern & Contemporary poetry, I am collating an anthology that explores the link between poems and popular culture.

Archive Nostalgia: Top 10 Powerful Quotes from 1930s Poetry

Poetry of the Thirties Robin Skelton Book Cover Image

Did you know that it's World Poetry Day on 21st March? To get you in the mood, I thought I would retrieve the words of some talented yet oft-overlooked 1930s poets from the Miscellany Pages archives...

Top 10 Powerful Quotes from 1930s Poetry

Poetry of the Thirties Robin Skelton Book Cover Image

Have you heard of W.H. Auden? How about Stephen Spender, Louis MacNeice or George Barker? If your first reaction is 'who?', you're not alone. I did not recognise a single name from the collection of 1930s poetry when I began studying it this semester. The unique voices of these poets encapsulate the disillusion and hope of an entire generation, yet, sandwiched between the two World Wars, they are often overlooked. I thought about how I could champion the power of these poems, but nobody could do so better than the poets themselves. With that in mind, here are my top 10 quotes from the poetry of the 30s...

Wordsworth’s Poetry and Prose: Collection to Make You Relish Life

Wordsworth Poetry and Prose Book Cover Image

William Wordsworth sought to revolutionise poetry in the eighteenth century. He believed that the beauty of his home in the Lake District, local folk tales and the occurrences of everyday rural life were as fit a subject for poetry as an epic battle. 

High Windows by Philip Larkin

High Windows is a collection of some of Philip Larkin’s most famous and well-loved poetry. He received a number of awards for his poems, including the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry and the WH Smith Award. I would highly recommend this collection to anyone wanting to dip their toe into the breathtaking world of poetry!