Reblog: July Wrap Up — Carla Loves To Read

I am a proud member of the Better World Books affiliate network – the ethical online bookshop. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. As if you didn't need even more books to add to your never-ending list, I can highly recommend Carla's blog: Carla Loves to Read. Her July Wrap-Up post demonstrates the insane number… Continue reading Reblog: July Wrap Up — Carla Loves To Read

Stories Beyond Books Part 1: Childhood

We all have books with a special place in our hearts, for reasons more than the words written in them. Perhaps they changed the way we think about the world, are attached to happy memories or got us through a difficult time in our lives. In this new feature, I will be sharing my own ‘Stories Beyond Books’ and it would be wonderful if you could share yours too!