Non-Fiction Books to Fortify Your Feminism (Magazine Article)

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July is the anniversary of the first Women's Right's convention, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share this article I wrote about my favourite non-fiction feminist books! Featuring Roxane Gay, Helena Kennedy, Chelsea Kwakye, Ore Ogunbiyi, Michelle Obama and Mariam Khan...

20 Empowering Quotes from Female Authors to Start Your 2020

The whirlwind of New Year's resolutions and endless articles about losing weight, saving money, eating better, finding love etc. can make you feel defeated before you've even begun. To put you in a better mindset, who better to turn to than some of the most inspiring female authors? From Alcott to Atwood, their words of wisdom are sure to make you feel empowered for 2020...

Eve Was Shamed by Helena Kennedy: Feminist Challenge to an Unjust Justice System

Eve Was Shamed by Helena Kennedy Book Cover Image

Rating: 4 stars Category: Non-fiction Synopsis: Working as a high-level barrister at the very heart of the justice system, Helena Kennedy is well placed to examine whether this system is working for women. In her book, she draws on extensive experience working with women, both as victims and perpetrators of crime, and the challenges she has faced as one of the only QC female barristers. Eve Was Shamed is a shocking revelation of how women remain discriminated against by the law. It is also a powerful call for change.