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Hello, I’m Florence! Welcome to my blog, Miscellany Pages.

This blog was begun to share my love of reading and find new direction after I had just dropped out of veterinary school (turns out you have to do more than cuddle puppies all day and I was an emotional wreck 98% of the time)!

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It’s been running for three years and in that time I have started studying English Literature at university and begun working as a part-time library assistant. My life now revolves around books and I love it!

There is no genre discrimination allowed here, so whether you’re into explosive psychological thrillers or some classic Jane Austen, please do have a browse. You’ll find a variety of posts including reviews, recommendation lists and features such as Questioning the Canon, which looks at underrated books to read alongside infamous classics.

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For me, reading is not a way to escape from the world, but a chance to better understand it. This blog is helping me do just that! I like to focus on how books fit into the wider world, emphasising diversity and relevant themes.

I really do believe that books can change the world for the better.

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty… these are what we stay alive for.”

~ Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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