Resilient Verse: Women’s Poetry Recordings

As part of my English Literature degree, I am making a digital project that explores the relationship between literature and digital culture. My project is Resilient Verse, a website dedicated to audio recordings of women’s poetry. Why not take a look and follow for updates?

So far I have only added the poetry of Elizabeth I as an example, but more will be going up over the next week. It would be amazing for as many people as possible to get involved with the project by suggesting poems to record! The only rules are:

  • It has to be published at least 100 years ago (because…copyright)
  • As long as the above rule applies, it can be from any historical period, from ancient times through to the early twentieth century
  • It has to be written by a woman
  • The poem can be written by any woman from anywhere – the more diversity the better!

To submit your suggestions, go to the website homepage and either drop a comment or use the contact form. I’m really looking forward to seeing the poems you put forward!


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